About Miami Shores Community Alliance

Our Mission

The Miami Shores Community Alliance (MSCA) is an umbrella organization which creates a forum for non-profit organizations, educational and religious institutions, community leaders, and individuals, that promotes and enables effective communications, fundraising opportunities, and shared resources to provide for and help ensure a quality experience for all those living, working or visiting the Shores.


Miami Shores Community Alliance, MSCA, is a collaborative group of representatives from local clubs, organizations, schools, churches and village departments. The Alliance has been in existence for thirty years and meets monthly to share each partner’s events information, community news and most importantly create initiatives that enhance the quality of life in the Shores.

MSCA is a 501(c)(3) and in the past our only revenue source was from monies raised through our annual Miami Shores Community Benefit Gala. As the group’s efforts are on a 100% volunteer basis, we are able to keep expenses to a minimum.

In 2014, twenty grants were distributed supporting education, the arts, the elderly, and Village events. For a sample listing of these types of grants, as well as an application form, visit About Grants.


The group is lead by the Board of Directors. The board is lead by a board chair and vice-chairs who serve  in various roles.

The meetings are conducted by the board chair and sponsored each month by one of the participating organizations. The Mayor is invites to report on the Village news and progress as well as the Council’s actions and deliberations. Participating organizations are asked to share announcements.

The current Board Members:

Chair: Angela Young

Vice Chair: Charles Million

Vice Chair & Secretary: Meli Matos

Vice Chair & Treasurer: Bekky Leonard

Vice Chair & Assistant Treasurer: Michael C. Dorn

For more information, or if your organization would like to join the MSCA, please contact us by clicking here